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Standing My Ground

I’ve been bullied for several times before and I will never allow it to happen to me again.

I will never forget the day my pained and disappointed father sat down with me and gave me “The Talk”, and told me things that he felt I needed to hear and would eventually impact me. It happened after I went home frowning because of an incident where I got beaten up by a classmate.

I embraced his words from then on and everytime a bully would try to do something against me, I just stood up my ground, looked them in the eye, and made them feel that I will never back down. Sometimes, I would get away from the bullying and get home safe. Sometimes, I would go home with wounds and dirty destroyed clothes and those were the moments where my father would just tap and remind me of his talk.

He wouldn’t tolerate me from being violent, but he would tell me that he is proud whenever his son doesn’t hold back. And if there’s a value that he wanted to inculcate, it’s fighting for one’s right to speak up and do whatever it takes to defend his space from anybody who would try to ruin it.

It’s funny because I got my Master’s Degree in Counseling with a thesis about bullying. Or maybe, it was destiny. I just can’t let others use their strength and influence only to intimidate others.

I have been telling myself that when I have a chance to sit down and do “The Talk” with my future children, I will tell them the exact things that my father told me. But since I have yet to experience fatherhood, I choose to do this with my people — the ones that I have influence to, especially my students, and orhers who are within my bounds. I tell them the same exact words that Pop said.

“Stand your ground. Don’t let others hurt you. Defend your space. Fight for your right to live peacefully.”

I’ve been bullied for several times before and I will never allow it to happen to me, to my children, and to my people again.



Graduate of Psychology (Bachelor's Degree) Graduate of Counseling (Master's Degree) Licensed Counselor Filipino

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