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4 years ago, a mom of my student came to my counseling room. Crying, she told me that she needed help in winning her child’s affection back. It was a hard case to handle that it even went on for the whole school year. Words coming out from the child while facing his mother was unimaginable to hear from the stadpoint of an “outsider of the house” like me.

To be honest, I don’t know where and how they are now. The last time we’ve met was in 2013 with a knowledge that they are still in the process of rebuilding relationship. That made me think that the right time will come for them. The right time will come for the child to accept and appreciate his mom again.

This powerful thing in the picture was given to me by my mom on the same day where I last saw her. She told me that it was a gift of appreciation because of the help that the counseling center has offered. She even said, “You taught me not to quit even up to the hardest battle I was facing for my child.” I thought that it was a lovely speech.

What I never thought was that in the process of helping them, these people would teach me one of the unlearneable lessons of my life — DON’T QUIT.

Wherever I go, I carry this thing with me. I may not have the chance to post it in every counseling room that I stay in, but always near the place.

I’ve been through a lot of hardships and it will be a lie if I say that giving up has never entered in my mind. Not just once. A lot of of times. But whenever beautiful things like this and the story behind them makes me remember, I go back to this simple principle — DON’T QUIT.



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