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An Open Letter to the “Righteous” Christians

Dear “Righteous” Christians,

For the last time, allow me to show this and state some of my points and I will never say anything about this again.

You say that you are a Christian but you are hating on selected humans. What kind of a “Christian” are you if your Jesus did not even have a single word about homosexuality? Where did the hate come from? And oh! Never mention Leviticus as your reference. Please.

From what I remember, the Christ that I worship taught us to love our neighbor the way we love our God. How do you treat your neighbor in this situation? It reflects on how you treat your God. That doesn’t require a degree in Theology for us to understand.

You are making me sad, my dear brothers/sisters.

So, please stop the hate.

Study. Read. Update your knowledge about these things. It’s not about differing opinions anymore.




A straight guy who respects the LGBT community



Graduate of Psychology (Bachelor's Degree) Graduate of Counseling (Master's Degree) Licensed Counselor Filipino

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