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I’m tired. I’m too tired of reading and hearing news and opinions about the Pacquiao-LGBT issue. I am posting mine not to condemn or hurt anyone but to share with you that we might be missing a basic virtue – RESPECT.

Let me begin with the one that is making me sick right now. Supporters of Manny Pacquiao posted and shared the full version of his controversial interview as if it would change others’ thoughts about it. Question is, after watching the full clip of Manny’s interview, did it change the entire meaning of what he said? I don’t think so.

I don’t agree with Manny’s statements. Totally. I’m apologizing to Manny and his fans for this but he doesn’t own the truth. That was careless of him. He really hurt a lot of people from the LGBT group and maybe, even their family members who accept them for who they are got affected, too. I believe, though, that he didn’t mean to condemn these people. His command of the language made it even worse, I guess. It has been his weakness (for lack of a better word) for years.

But I don’t stop here. In my point of view, people criticizing him are getting out of hand. It’s like many want him to hit the lowest point of his life. That’s unfair. Again, my point of view. Criticize me, I respect it.

Why am I doing this?

I love the LGBT Community. I love a lot of people who are in this group. The community has contributed a lot of things for the Philippines. We were respected by other nations because of their effort. Believe me, it’s not just Manny who made us proud. The community and its people has received some of the greatest recognitions from the World. They don’t deserve to be told that they are worse than animals. A lot of them are intelligent and loving people.

On the other hand, I also love Manny as a boxer and helper. I love his humble beginnings. I love how he helps others. I love his courage. I love his sincerity. I love how he gave his everyrhing to make our country proud all the time. I will never forget his contributions. And forgive me if these are the only reasons I have why I don’t support anyone condemning him in a very disrespectful manner. My point is there is a proper venue for everything.

I disapprove of disrespecting people – Manny’s views about “acts” of LGBT and some of its members’ backlash against him. Both of these. I disapprove both because no one from these people deserves to be treated that way. I don’t want anyone especially my future children to suffer from these types of irresponsible behavior.

All I am promoting for is respect. Respect people’s choice and opinion. Choose a proper venue to deliver your sentiments and don’t just throw mud at someone. You’re intelligent than someone you hate? Show it. Show it properly. Can we, for God’s sake, sit down and discuss the issue with all the values that we have?

After all, we and our behaviors will only be accountable to one Supreme Being. God bless our beloved Philippines and its citizens.


Magkape na lang tayo, pre. Dalhin mo na din mga Nike shoes mo ha.




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