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As early as now, the election fever in the Philippines is alive. Fantastic. I just have some concerns about it but I couldn’t put them into words. Maybe, if you will allow me to share with you some stories and comments you may understand me.

In the last election (National-Senatorial, 2013), I only voted for 8 candidates – all are for senate and none from local. I spent more than an hour falling in line before getting the chance to vote. Guess how many of my candidates made it. Your answer is not even close. Yup, only one won.

As of this posting, I have chosen only one candidate for senate and none for President and Vice. Of course, none in local again. Now tell me, if this will still be the case on May, should I push through and go out to vote for this one candidate who is not doing well in the survey? Of course I should. Yes, even if I only have one.

Now where is this non-sense post gping at? Well, I’m not saying that I have the best checklist in choosing government leaders. It’s just that no one pleases me. I can’t force all of you to read and research about every person who runs. EXTENSIVELY. I am talking about all aspects. So, who has the time? Who are not yet pre-occupied?

It’s tough. But deciding for this country’s future has always been tough. This is why most of us are engaging to easier ways. Tadaaaa! Media. Include all of your social networking accounts. Is that bad? I’m not saying that it is but if only we could be better. If only we could use it better. If only we could use this to organize debates and encourage all of the candidates to join.

I’m not saying that it is solely the candidates’ fault. I don’t even know who to blame. I’m not here to point fingers at anybody. Just one thing. Everyone has a responsibility here. I feel that doing this is one of my responsibilities – to remind everyone that we still have a lot of time to study every platform and promise that the camdidates have to offer.

Maaga pa naman, mga kapatid. Let us not rush this important decision that we will be making. For what its worth, allow me ta say that all of us agree that we don’t want to suffer for 6 years again.



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