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This is Not a Topnotcher’s Speech


This is not a topnotcher’s speech. It may not be as important as that of the number 1’s. I’m just asking for a favor. Allow me to do this because my journey in getting the license for counseling is full of ups and downs that you could never imagine that may happen.

This is not a topnotcher’s speech. This is from a person who feels thankful for the people behind this success.

To my family – Papa, Mama, Olan, and Princess, you are the source of my energy. I keep on going because from the beginning, you were there for me and never left me even if I should be considered as the most meaningless person. Thank you, guys. I swear that I won’t leave you, too. Thank you!

To my lady, Sanna, the reason why I see beauty in everything that I do, thank you. I survived the sleepless nights of cramming for review and stressful days of thinking about the exam because of your effort to make me believe that I can do it. Well, here I am! Thank you!

To my Pasig Catholic College family especially the Grade School Guidance Center, thanks! You were the first people to see my potential. You were the first to hone me. You were the first people to motivate me to fulfill this dream. With that, thank you.

To my Colegio San Agustin – Makati Guidance family, the very reason why I am as good as a pro even before I get this license, thank you! Because of everyone in this family,  I have learned, realized, appreciated, and acted on the things that I should. The training and the relationship was just unbelievable. Most of the credits about the learning should be given to you. Again, thank you!

To my new found family in FEU Institute of Technology, thank you! You’ve been so patient with me. You didn’t lose hope that someday, I will be able to be a professional. Look at your associate now. Again, thank you. I love this family as much as I love my previous families. Thank you!

To my Centro Escolar University professors, classmates, and friends from 2005 to 2014, thank you. All of you have made an impact. The learnings and sharings were the most memorable part of my life as a student. Those were something to be cherished forever. Guys, thank you!

I hope that I was able to mention everyone. If not, I’m sure that you know who you are and believe me that I didn’t forget you and your contribution. That’s a guarantee.

This is not a speech of a topnotcher. This is from a person who dreamed a dream. This is from a person who looked for his meaning and purpose. This is from a person who had to do a lot just to achieve his goal. This is a speech from a person who acknowledges all the help.

This is not a topnotcher’s speech. This is from a person who wants to tell people who are aspiring to be who they want to be to just do it.

Nothing is impossible if you are driven and motivated. Just do it and believe. When you believe, you just do. Never settle for mediocrity. Do not stop satisfying your desire to become THE ONE as you move up. Be on top of the food chain. Be the one who is wanted and needed. Be the person who will make a positive change. Be the person with purpose.

After all the hardships – from defending my thesis on time up to getting my TOR on the date of deadline of application itself, allow me to proudly say that I am now registered!

To end this, allow me to congratulate the successful examinees who are to be named as the newly registered guidance counselors. You’ve given your best and you deserve it. We deserve it. Let us keep our heads high as we perform our duties as empowerers. As the cliché goes, “This is not the end but the beginning of our journey.” Serve well and work intelligently! Mabuhay tayong lahat! Maraming salamat!




Graduate of Psychology (Bachelor's Degree) Graduate of Counseling (Master's Degree) Licensed Counselor Filipino

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