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We Fight: To the Last Minute, To the Last Second because It’s Playoffs

It’s playoffs time in the NBA and to those who are avid fans of this event like me, we all know that it is very exhausting to players. Whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally, every game and every series take too much from the players.

It is very important though to have at least one “badass leader” in the team who can motivate and maybe show his teammates the energy and will that are needed to get the W.

I remember last year when Dwyane Wade’s Miami Heat was down with a game in their Best of Seven Series against the tactical team, San Antonio Spurs. Wade, I think, is the best example of a badass leader who can motivate his team and will convert this into a big comeback win.

How did D Wade do it? He just took chance to talk in a huddle and led the whole team (with all his emotions and toughness) to a Red Lines inspired WE FIGHT chant. It was all about his will that led the Heat to a win that also made a statement that his team is not done yet.

Take a look at this real badass huddle chant. It’s one of the best.

You’ll even hear the commentator saying: “They seem desperate, they seem hungry, they seem a little angry.”

I am hoping that there will be another player and team for this playoffs who will steal the limelight just to show how driven they are to get the Larry O’ Brien trophy.

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Thank You

Hi, mentor. First of all, this is the only photo of us together and I’m sorry about that. Let’s just say that we both don’t like selfies. Another thing, I haven’t had the chance to greet and meet you on your birthday. Again, I apologize. Lastly, allow me to be apologetic once more because I’ll be a little emotional here. A little lang, promise.
Mentor, thank you for all the support that you’ve given me. We’ve been through a lot. From debating about changing the title of my thesis up to debating on how to get back to that officer in charge in graduate school. Ok, that was just me who wanted to do something against that person. You’re a kind person and you can never do anything bad to anyone. A little curse, maybe.
Anyway, without you, I am nothing. I am still nothing but at least, you helped me achieve something that was just a dream in the past. Mentor, thanks for the patience. Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks for the taps on the back. Thanks for the hugs and no kisses. I appreciate everything that we had for the past 6 years. Yes, I included my college years with you even though you locked the classroom’s door so that I could never attend your class anymore. I understand that because you hate late.
So much with this. I am getting too emotional already. I promised you to be a little lang. Baka barahin mo na naman ako. Mentor, maraming salamat. 🙂 Yung regalo mo sa birthday mo, tsaka na. 🙂 Salamat, Dr. Chit Salonga!


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Coldplay’s Ghost Stories (Track List)

I just finished looking at Coldplay’s track list for their upcoming album, Ghost Stories. Actually, I have pre-ordered it already. This is the first time that I paid for a full album. I usually download it illegally. What made me decide to pay for this one? It’s the song titles.

I don’t need to see every lyrics of it anymore because by just looking at the titles, it easily gives me an impression that this is a compilation of melancholic experiences. Whew. I can’t wait to have this album. Really!

Here are the songs in Coldplay’s Ghost Stories.


Now tell me. Am I right or correct?