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Love Psychology (but Not Too Much or You’ll be Stupid)

“Don’t judge me just because I have my own social reality. I’m not creating any self-serving bias here for I know that I’m correct. You make me feel like I’m on a spotlight effect whenever you see my faults. Stop acting like you have a Messianic Complex because you’re not helping me. It’s a false modesty on your end. The truth is, you just want to make me think that you have developed a Martyrdom Complex when we started to be together. I’m sick and tired of this pessimistic relationship. I have done so much for us but I guess, I was just having an unrealistic optimism when all I knew was just trying. I really thought that my internal locus of control was true. It hurts me because it was not. We better stop this.”
(Disclaimer: Get a psychology dictionary and check if your understanding of the whole statement is right.)

If that will be the breakup line of my partner, I’m gonna agree on her offer not because she’s already hurting. It’s for the reason that she’s acting like an intelligent person but the truth is she’s stupid. Yes, she’s stupid.

This is what most of the “newbies” always do whenever they learn new terminologies in Psychology. I would agree that this discipline has made a lot of fantastic terms that are very catchy and lovable to the ears (from theories to mental disorders). But stupid people who believe in their trying-hard-ant-brains use it for their everyday lives. They feel like they’re the most intelligent people if they’re able to pull off a freshly learned psychological term and include it in their statement (which is wrong in grammar for most of the time).
Does that make you likable? Possibly, to people who are more stupid than you.

If you’re a professor and you’re inside the classroom, sure. Use those terms and we can still hang out. But if you’re someone who just learned new terms and eventually use them while you’re making your kwentong barbero sa kanto, F U and I’m gonna punch you in the face.

Anyone will not hate Psychology. I think, this is the only discipline where you will be able to learn something significant about you while realizing something important about everything. It’s easy to fall in love with Psych. But just like any other failed relationships, don’t be obsessed with its terms and never use them everyday. It’s gonna be silly.

“The neurotic is nailed to the cross of his fiction.”
-Alfred Adler, Individual Psychologist




Graduate of Psychology (Bachelor's Degree) Graduate of Counseling (Master's Degree) Licensed Counselor Filipino

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